Collective Voices Black Abortion Articles

Message from the National Coordinator - by Loretta Ross

Defending Abortion Rights as Black Women - by Serena Garcia

Is Abortion “Black Genocide” - by Kathryn Joyce

Billboard Babylon - by Cherisse Scott

The Right to Fight! - by Dionne Turner

Trust Black Women Talking Points - by Belle Taylor-McGhee

Race- and Gender-Based Anti-Abortion Legislation - by Loretta Ross

Why I Provide Abortions: Alchemy of Race, Gender, and Human Rights - by Willie J. Parker, MD, MPH, MSc

Affirming Sexual Rights: Passion & Punishment - by Heidi Williamson

Trust Black Women Partnership - by Loretta Ross

Media Failure is a Women’s Issue - by Serena Garcia

Trust Black Women or Lose Ground - by Bani Hines Hudson

Allies Defending Black Women - by Loretta Ross

Faith, the Black Church, and Reproductive Justice - by Candace Cabbil

Social Injustice: Black Women as Sex Offenders? - By Gina Brown

Unshackling Black Motherhood - by Dorothy Roberts

Reproductive Violence and Black Women - by Charity Woods

No Conspiracy Theories Needed: Black Women Have More Abortions Because Black Women Have More Unintended Pregnancies - by Susan A. Cohen

Campus Anti-Abortion Tactics – 10 Steps for Effectively Fighting Back - by Loretta Ross

Fighting the Legacies of American Eugenics - by Laura L. Lovett

Power of Grassroots Funding - by Monica Simpson

Black Abortion: A Systemic Perspective - by Candace Cabbil