Trust Black Women Partnership

Mission Statement

The mission of the Trust Black Women Partnership is to develop strong network of African American women organizations and individuals mobilized to defend our human right to make abortion and family planning decisions for ourselves. We work to counter the growing anti-abortion movement in African American community and defeat race- and gender-based campaigns and legislation that limits abortion access for Black women. We educate our communities, legislators and leaders of color about Reproductive Justice issues from Black women’s perspectives.

Our Shared Values

  • All Black women deserve respect and should have the same human rights as everyone else.

  • Black women should be trusted to make important decisions about our bodies, our families and our communities without interference from those who would undermine our right to self-determination.

  • All women should be able to maintain our dignity when accessing reproductive health services that should be safe, affordable and accessible for all women regardless of socio-economic status, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status, age, or religion.

  • The human rights of African American women should not be undermined by political winds, media campaigns, or governmental or private institutions that attempt to deny us the full exercise of our reproductive rights.

  • No woman should be judged for making her own decisions regarding whether or not to have a child or terminate a pregnancy. Instead, she should be validated whatever her decision, with the necessary social supports to ensure she will be treated with respect and dignity.

  • Women and men should work together to improve reproductive health care and access in the African American community. Discrimination is unacceptable and Black women should not be denied services, support, or options available to other women.

  • The best way to prevent unintended pregnancies, the spread of STIs and HIV/AIDS, reduce the need for abortion, and for reducing sexual abuse and violence is through evidence-based comprehensive sex education, accessible and affordable reproductive health care, and advocacy and organizing by African American women to defend ourselves and our families.

  • Abortion is not an issue that should divide Black women. Whether we are pro-life or pro-choice, we stand united in believing that every woman must make these decisions for herself.

  • We oppose all forms of population control, even when it is justified by alleged concerns for the environment, the economy, crime, the educational system, or fears of terrorism. All forms of population control are racist, if not in intent, then in application, because women of color are most often its targets.

Our Work

1. Activism that eliminates the barriers to reproductive justice for African American women and girls.
2. Fight race- and gender-based anti-abortion legislation at the state and federal levels.
3. Capacity building for Black women’s organizations to build an effective national network of defenders of Black women’s dignity and human rights.
4. Communications and media campaigns promoting the health and well-being of African American women and girls.
5. Research on attitudes about abortion and birth control in the African American community.
6. Policy advocacy with elected officials to increase access and affordability of reproductive health services and comprehensive sex education.
7. Materials production for advocates and policymakers, like DVDs, articles, blogs, news magazines, postcards, press kits, websites, talking points, and social media.
8. Engage leaders of Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and other human rights/social justice organizations to Stand Up for Black Women!
9. Leadership development for young people, newer activists, and allies, with special emphasis on schools, colleges and universities.
10. Research on the opponents of Black women’s freedom and rights.
11. Work with leaders of faith-based communities to support women of faith as reproductive justice advocates and users of reproductive health services.
12. Outreach to other Black women’s organizations such as sororities and service organizations to invite them to join TBW.

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